2013: You Won't Want to Miss It!

Meadow Valley WashThe 42nd Annual Nevada Railway Symposium will be held in Ely, NV, September 19-22, 2013 and the program is spectacular.

Judith Schill reviews how a copper baron built a railroad that tied together Salt Lake City and Los Angeles. A pre-convention activity is driving the route of the San Pedro, Los Angeles and Salt Lake Railroad through Meadow Valley Wash.

Gene Rogers is back with rare movies of the Sierra Wood and Lumber Company. Ever wonder where we are going to get the people to keep the steamers steamin' in the 21st Century? Anthony DeBellis tells what it is like being a 21st century intern on a 19th century railroad.

Jim Blaylock covers Nevada's newest "maybe" railroad that is proposed to cover almost the entire interior of Nevada using the roadbeds of historic Nevada railroads.

Pride of RestorationHaving been on American Restoration six times,Mark Bassett gives the backstory on the why and how of restoring items on television. And Kurt Dietrich covers patents that were submitted by Nevadans, some of which worked and some of which didn't. But they were all interesting.

Kyle Wyatt presents the early passenger cars and cabooses of the Southern Pacific Railroad. And Loren Jahns covers recreating the art behind the Eureka and Palisade Combine ELSA.

Don't know about the ELSA? Then you need to attend the Banquet and listen as Dan Markoff talks about his project to recreate an Eureka and Palisade combine as built by the Billmeyer and Small Company almost 140 years ago.

And to close out the convention, if you want to experience rail travel from the turn of the last century, climb aboard the Steptoe Valley Flyer Sunday morning. And if you're really want to experience historic railroading very up close and personal take a turn at the throttle of a steam locomotive.

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